Frequently asked questions

How do I add my artwork for my Promotional Item?

After you place the order, you simply email us your EPS artwork file and we forward to the supplier. If you do not have proper EPS art, our in house team can help you get it formatted. This will be a separate fee and is based on the size of your logo.

Can I insert pictures or other items into my posnalized gift basket?

Yes! You would need to mail us the item(s) to include and our team would be more than happy to include them. Disclaimer: We do not allow any prohibted or illegal products into gift baskets and each province or territory by-laws and laws will need to be adhered too.

Can I add a secondary art logo on my product?

Yes! Depending on the desired location. And it will be subject to an additional location fee.

How do I edit or remove items for my customized gift basket?

It shouldn't be an issue to change out a product as long as the basket or Promotinal Item has not gone into final production. Then it is too late to make a change.